Things my daughter learned from video games

Nicola is doing a write.

My parents never liked the vidja gayms. They rot your brain, apparently. Mindless, useless, wastes of time staring at a flickering screen.

They didn’t like birthdays, or various bits of essential medical treatment either, so I’m glad I didn’t listen to them.

Over the past few months, Pam (6) has got into video games in a big way. She’d played Pokémon Go obsessively, and she still likes Magikarp Jump, but those were really fuelled by her love of Pokémon rather than a love of games.

She wasn’t really interested in anything if it wasn’t Pokémon.

Things changed when we got Sega Classics.

To start off, she played Toejam and Earl (because we could play it together and I could help her out), and the Sonic games, favouring Sonic 2 because of Tails. Cuteness rules her world, of course. That led her to Flicky, and that’s when…

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