Developing software at day, creating games at night.

I’m a programmer and an artist who sought purpose throughout life.

As such, I do not only want to make games just to entertain. There’s so much to tell about this world and so much knowledge to share. To just open your mind for your own unique journey and the subjective truth that lies deep within your own soul.

Games are the perfect medium to do this. They place you into an interactive world that allows you to explore their rules and limits; and while doing so, they allow you also to explore yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses. Your dreams, your desires. They are capable to shade a different light on how we see the world, allowing you to connect the dots all by yourself. All of this happens in the most natural state of play – where humans and animals alike learn the most. Games can heal and help someone understand the world.

In today’s uncertain world it’s important to find niches, think outside the box – or outside the table the box placed on – to survive and thrive. After all, despite of sitting in a safe cage called society, evolution still applies to us and we should practice personal development to pursue it.

It can start with games – and it doesn’t stop here.