Box2D Multithreading Done Right – Part 1: Basics of Producing Bodies

Long time ago I messed around with multi-threading and Box2D. When I researched into the matter, people in forums everywhere said that threading and Box2D is a terrible idea.

I thought, screw everyone, I’ll make it happen, and jumped right into making a physics objects producer.

Many months and a few thousand lines of code later I have to admit: It kind of is.


Help Choosing The Music Style in CamoTactics

Help me choose the music for my game! I got a few songs here and would love to hear your feedback. First, let me provide you with some information. CamoTactics is a top down shooter set in a futuristic and turbulent future, where mankind has ventured into the depths of space and crashed into a…

Choosing the Heart of Your Game

Unity, Unreal, Ogre3D, Havok – just a few of the vast amount of game development tools you can use to create games. The technology used will define what your game is capable of and what it isn’t. The very heart of your game should be chosen wisely.