What formats to use to store data in?

Imagine creating your own application or game. When you first start out, you may keep and generate your data in code. As you progress you may find how inefficient and cumbersome this turns out. Now you want to move all that to external files, but what format should you use?


CamoTactics – Where will it go?

CamoTactics is a top down shooter set in a futuristic and turbulent future, where mankind has ventured into the depths of space and crashed into a planet with strange and bizarre alien life. Despite the hostility of this world, mankind finally has managed to get over its blood-thirsty past that exploited its environment – Until…

Choosing the Heart of Your Game

Unity, Unreal, Ogre3D, Havok – just a few of the vast amount of game development tools you can use to create games. The technology used will define what your game is capable of and what it isn’t. The very heart of your game should be chosen wisely.

5 Tools To Start Out Gamedev

You probably have wondered how to start out making your first game. Maybe you tinkered around with scripts or mods but never made something all by yourself. Fear not, for this article will give you an insight how to start out your development with the right tools and without much hassle.